"This is a book of wonders. Some of the most heartfelt and headiest teachings I’ve encountered in one amazingly digestible, personal and warm volume. I recommend it without reservation. Although the book is a chronological tale, it can be opened anywhere, started anywhere and stopped anywhere, and deliver immediate value, perspective and energy. Use this book for reflection, for sharing, and for the times when things seem the most helpless and beyond control."

-Stan Slap
International Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant
President, Slap


Scott Baio is 45...and Single
Boot Camp Session 3

<p>Scott's growth in relationships is changing from great sex and trophy girls to feeling better about himself and being a better person. Doc Ali's advice to viewer questions is to be what you're looking for, and getting what you really want.</p>
<p>Next step in bootcamp is deciding what you really want...creating your life's masterpiece.</p>
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