"This book is thought provoking and stopped me in my hustle world to evaluate my life passions. It encourages the reader to evaluate and prioritize life's road for the future."

-Michael G. Vicari
Regional Business Director, West Sales


Mental Toughness Training


SARN Corporate's purpose is to enhance performance through Mental Toughness Training. We train the executive the same way we train the athlete, with intensity and discipline. Head Games Mental Toughness Training is very much like physical training, but in this case the "muscle" being strengthened is the mind.

SARN Corporate's ultimate mission is to increase the bottom-line. How? By improving performance.

Our effectiveness is measured by:

  • Increased Employee Speed-to-Proficiency
  • Increased Sales/Revenue
  • Increased Profit Margin
  • Decreased Attrition
  • Enhanced Leadership
  • Solidified Corporate Cultures
  • More Disciplined Utilization of Change
  • Increased Employee Motivation and Reward

The forums in which we provide these services include:

  • Executive Team Training Programs
  • Management Training Programs
  • Development Team Trainings
  • Sales Team Trainings
  • Customer Service Trainings
  • Executive Coaching
  • Retreats
  • Seminars

For the last 15 years, Alison Arnold has inspired Peak Performance in Olympians, Executives, Sales Teams, and other highly successful individuals. She thrives on pushing comfort zones in order to take sports performance, work and life to higher levels.  Alison travels internationally speaking and facilitating workshops that create change in everyone she connects with.  Her book Scream and Run Naked, workbook Living the Scream and Run Naked Life, and Corporate Masters Trainings have been the talisman for cutting edge organizations as Corixa Pharmaceuticals, Insight Computers, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  She has worked with numerous Olympic Gold Medal athletes and World Champions teaching them to discipline their minds and doubtlessly create their dreams.  Alison has had the honor of being the primary peak performance consultant to USA Gymnastics since 1997, and is a consultant to US Figure Skating, and The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia among others.

Not one for doing things in the ordinary way, she has spent twenty years

studying psychology, Eastern philosophy, and spirituality. She spent twelve weeks studying the mind with the Masters in Nepal, four weeks in a Thai forest monastery, three weeks in the Amazon jungle, two weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to tell you about it.  Her seminars and keynotes have been described as “dynamic presentations that fire you up and change your life”.

Alison’s Keynotes and Head Games Masters Trainings can be 1-4 hours, or 1-4 days. 

Separate or together.  One hour, three hours, or once a month for four months.  Talk to Alison about your company's needs and time frame.

SARN Corporate Masters Trainings

 "After coming to the weekend with no expectation and actually almost canceling due to work and time commitments,( I am in the Mortgage field and we are all about time!). What I experienced over the weekend, I would not have wanted to miss. My fiancee had signed me up and initially I thought ok, I love transformational work...but I was going more for her sake than mine. So naturally with not much mentally invested in the program, my commitments and time issues almost got the better of me...I wanted to cancel but chose to go since this program looks to have a positive impact on life...so I thought yes our relationship, while great, could use a weekend course like this. So with no expectation I went. From the moment I walked in I was at full attention. Alison has crafted an amazing weekend, fill with fun and in-depth exercises for an amazing mental workout. The retreat location was a perfect compliment to Alison's work and her staff were great "beings" who I felt at complete ease with their presence. My experience was one filled with love and personal "inspection", I felt safe to further explore areas of my life that I felt were satisfactorily transformed. I came away from the weekend with the feeling of having shed a new layer of skin much like a reptile, revealing a new beautiful layer of love. I have complete confidence in recommending Scream And Run Naked....thank you Alison for your love and for caring to make much more than a dent in my life."

- Russell Ali, Prime Line Funding

The Master.  The Highest Level of Performance.  Seemingly Effortless Success.  Head Games Masters Trainings teach you how to harness your own power to create exactly what you want.  How do Elite Athletes and Martial Arts Masters accomplish the impossible?  Masters Trainings teach your leadership or sales force to harness four of the most powerful tools in the Universe.  It gives them the Secrets to Success in work and life.   

“The mind is the creator of all things, control your mind, control your life”
- Buddha


Master Training Level One:  The Power of Intention and Creation

This training teaches the essential tools of creation.   Beginning with how elite athletes and Zen masters discipline their minds creating only what they want.  It activates the law of attraction stating what we put energy into becomes our reality.  Level One clarifies  It vision, intention, goals, and responsibility.

Master Training Level Two:  The Power of Connection

What is there without relationships?  Relationships are what make your workplace rewarding and your customers returning.  Level Two explores how to build amazing relationships with co-workers and customers that  fuel your business for years to come.

Master Training Level Three:  The Power of Potential

The biggest deterrent to success for elite athletes and corporate executives is their own limiting beliefs.  Breaking out of comfort zones and unleashing potential is critical in order to reach new leadership and sales heights.  Comfort is safe.  Comfort is stagnant.  Session three takes a hard look at the comfort zones and limiting beliefs that keep even successful people stuck.

Master Training Level Four:  The Power of Purpose

The foundation.  The Bottom Line.  Why do you do what you do?  In Level Four, Masters look beyond themselves to really see their place in the universal web.  When work is “on-purpose” there is meaning and flow.  Without purpose there is conflict and disease.  Level Four teaches the Master how to line up goals, actions, and values so like the elite athlete, work flows freely.


Other Seminars and Keynotes:

Scream and Run Naked:  Living the Life You Were Born to Live

The Dipendra Principle:  Customer Service Magic

The Law of Attraction:  How to Control Your Mind to Change Your Life (not to mention your bottom line).

The Corporate Athlete:  Taking Your Business and Sales to Olympic Levels.

The Web:  Finding Your Purpose in Business

Wake your people up to a new way of looking at life and work.