"This is a book of wonders. Some of the most heartfelt and headiest teachings I’ve encountered in one amazingly digestible, personal and warm volume. I recommend it without reservation. Although the book is a chronological tale, it can be opened anywhere, started anywhere and stopped anywhere, and deliver immediate value, perspective and energy. Use this book for reflection, for sharing, and for the times when things seem the most helpless and beyond control."

-Stan Slap
International Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant
President, Slap

What is SARN?

The Ultimate Scream & Run Naked Experience...


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Scream and Run Naked weekends are an amazing journey into yourself and your life. Explore who you are, the life you were born to live, and what’s stopping you in a nurturing and “butt kicking” environment. Change isn’t always comfortable. Like running naked, sometimes it takes a little push before the liberation. That is what Scream and Run Naked Weekend is all about. Not allowing you to settle for anything less then your amazing, divine, presence. It’s time, don’t you think? Take the risk to come and change your life forever.

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